kadoo afternoon tea employee gifts with mint tea, cookie, honey and enamel cup
emalco cool mint enamel mug perfect for tea and coffee and other hot beverages.
art of tea pacific coast mint tea.
Bee Seasonal Brazilian eucalyptus organic honey.
unna bakery cardamon crisp Swedish cookies.
KADOO complimentary handwritten notecards in premium ivory paper with matching envelope.
Greeting cards by Graphic Factory: Cheers! Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Merci, Gracias, Danke and Thanks. FSC Sustainable Forests.

Afternoon Tea Curated Gift Box

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This afternoon tea box is a delightful present that brings happiness and comfort. A great gratitude gift for anyone in your list and perfect for employee and client appreciation gifts.


  • Pacific coast mint tea by Art of Tea.
  • Organic Brazilian eucalyptus honey by Bee Seasonal.
  • Vanilla cookies by Unna Bakery.
  • Nostalgic and durable enamel mug by Emalco Enamelware.
  • Wooden honey dipper.


Art of Tea English Pacific Coast Mint Tea Leaves 
A sharp and smooth blend of organic spearmint and organic peppermint that are domestically grown and harvested on the picturesque Oregon and California coasts. One tin, 2.5 oz average 24 cups.

Organic Brazilian Eucalyptus Honey by Bee Seasonal
This honey comes from eucalyptus growing regions around Itamarandiba, which is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Minas Gerais. A perfect companion to any teas. One jar, 4 oz.

Unna Bakery Vanilla Cookies 
This award-winning vanilla cookie is crisp and airy and melts in your mouth. Made with real butter, no palm oil, soy or preservatives. May contain milk and wheat. One box, 3.4 oz.

Mint color Enamel Mug by Emalco Enamelware
The perfect mug for serving warm cold weather beverages, from tea, coffee, hot chocolate, to mulled wines. A high-quality enamel, fried at very high temperatures, made to last for many years. One mug, 12 oz.

Art of Tea is based in Los Angeles, California. The seeds that formed the foundation of Art of Tea were first planted in 1996 when Steve Schwartz began his journey of extensive study in preventative medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Since then, Art of Tea has become a leading purveyor of organic and specialty teas. Each year Steve travels extensively, returning with rare and unique teas from around the world.

Bee Seasonal partnered with Certified Organic beekeepers from around the world to curate a collection of gourmet honeys. Their mission is to take their consumers on a journey of discovery, searching for the best sustainably produced honeys while connecting and supporting small farmers along the way.

Unna Bakery is a female-owned company in New York City, founded by Ulrika Pettersson in 1995. Her mission is to invite and to indulge people in the delight flavor and tradition of her homeland. Her concept is inspired by the mid-18 century in Sweden where women gathered at kaffereps, to enjoy cookies, coffee and company. Infusing her own family tradition, her Grandma Rut’s treasured recipes are at the heart of all her creations.

Emalco Enamelware is a manufacturer of enamelware and enamel signs based in Poland. They use traditional methods practiced for more than 100 years and presenting their customers with traditional Polish enamelware. Every product of Emalco Enamelware is handmade by the skilled hands of people, not by machines.

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