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4 Easy Steps to Choosing Gender-Neutral Corporate Gifts That Everyone Will Love

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Gourmet Group Snack Curated Gift Box

If you’re the person in charge of corporate gifting, choosing gifts can give you a real hard time when you take a look at the recipient list and see a lot of diversity. From age to culture and gender, these are all factors that can make your job of picking the right gifts difficult and challenging. This is where gender-neutral corporate gifts shine. 

Whether you’re looking for the right employee gift or you’re on the search for a fantastic thank you gift for your customers, this corporate gift guide can help you choose the right presents to boost your company’s visibility and strengthen your business relationships.

1. Choose a theme for your gifts

One step to choosing the best gender-neutral gifts for your recipients is to select a theme for your gifts. The best way to do that is to consider your brand and offering. So, choose a theme for your gifts that is in line with your business.  

For example, if you’re a tech-driven company or aspire to become one, you should choose a gift that has some tech elements in it, such as the Curated Tech Lovers Gift Box. A gift about functionality, the Tech Lovers box includes various items that allow your recipients to enhance the design of their desks. The box features a portable waterproof mini speaker by Lexon, delicious Nordic wine gum by Wally & Whiz, a useful notepad that inspires recipients to make quick to-do lists by Wit & Delight, all wrapped in a beautiful Furoshiki fabric wrapping.

kadoo curated tech gift box with lexon bluetooth speaker , notepad, and more.
2. Think of offering an experience

When you’re hunting for the best gender-neutral gifts, it’s best to avoid actual items that may or may not suit the recipient. But you can always offer an experience that all people enjoy, like having a good cup of coffee in the morning or a sophisticated cup of tea in cozy afternoons.

KADOO has two unique client gift ideas for those recipients who appreciate comfort and happiness contained in a box: The Morning Coffee Curated Gift Box and the Afternoon Tea Curated Gift Box

KADOO’s Morning Coffee Curated Gift Box is suitable for remote recipients and those heading back to the office. It features various items from a handy desktop notepad to roasted ground coffee from the world’s oldest blend by Oliver Pluff & Co., a gold coffee scoop, gingerbread cookies by Rustic Bakery, and delicious California Gummy Bears in citrus mix flavor.

The Afternoon Tea gift box features plenty of elegant and sophisticated items, including pacific coast mint tea by Art of Tea, Organic Brazilian eucalyptus honey by Bee Seasonal, vanilla cookies by Unna Bakery, a nostalgic and durable enamel mug by Emalco Enamelware, and wooden honey dipper.

kadoo curated tea gift box. perfect for client gifts.
3. Think of universal people pleasers

Choosing a specific gift for every recipient on your list could take you some considerable amount of time. But, the good news is that you don’t even have to do that. All you have to do is to think of those gifts that everybody likes. Here’s an idea: delicious snacks! 

KADOO has a Gourmet Office Snack for Group box, which can be a gift for large group of different recipients. This box is a thoughtful and tasty present that everybody will appreciate. It includes various delicious items, like freshly ground Oliver Pluff & Co, bourbon vanilla coffee and a gold coffee scoop, and Nordic wine gums in mango coconut flavor by Wally & Wiz. The box also includes crave licorice chocolate truffles by Heavenly by Schottinger, dark milk chocolate bar, Twinkles cinnamon spice butter cookies by Rustic Bakery, popinsanity cookies, and cream gourmet popcorn, all nicely placed in a sleek black magnetic gift box. As for the wrapping, you can choose between monochromatic ribbon or chic art deco pattern Furoshiki cotton wrap.

4. When in doubt, go with the classics

You’ve spent minutes or hours thinking of the right corporate gifts, but still, you can’t figure out which gift would be more suitable for all your recipients. No need to panic! You can simply go with the classics. 

What does this mean? Think of something that everybody could use. For example, the Morning Routine Gift Box is a lovely gift idea that can help your recipients improve their morning routines and help them have a great start to the day. The box features various items that cater to all sorts of morning routines, including the world’s oldest Mocha Java coffee blend by Oliver Pluff & Company, reusable bamboo cup by Ecoffee cup, a shaving cream filled with natural ingredients by Men’s Society, a Japanese weave mini towel made from 100% organic cotton, natural peppermint mini gums, all nicely wrapped in Furoshiki fabric wrapping.

KADOO wants to make corporate gifting easier with its gender-neutral curated boxes that make excellent gifts to customers, associates, and employees.

kadoo morning curated coffee gift box

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