Fall Food Gift: Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box for Corporate Gifting

Fall Food Gift: Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box for Corporate Gifting

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kadoo fall gourmet pancake corporate gift box

Autumn is many people’s favorite season. As Fall makes its appearance, the air gets crisper and clearer, trees start to display the most exciting color scheme of pine green, gold, copper, and bronze, and something new and exciting is happening around every corner. 

Autumn is also a fantastic season in the corporate world because it feels like a new beginning for businesses. According to a Harvard Business School study, productivity is at its peak during Fall, and more tasks are getting completed than in any other season. So, doesn’t this make Fall the perfect occasion to look for some gift ideas for corporate gifting to encourage productivity? We’re thinking, yes. This is where the Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box shines! 

Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box, a tribute to the beginning of a new season

With mornings getting coolers in the Fall, people feels the need for more cozy moments. This is what KADOO’s latest Fall Gift box is about. 

The Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box is a new way to celebrate a new season with your business contacts in a professional and unique manner. Need to impress your corporate contacts with an out-of-the-box gift? Instead of offering a traditional morning breakfast gift, this Gourmet Pancake Gift Box is an unexpected yet thoughtful gift. Whether you want to thank your employees, clients, partners, or other business contacts, the Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box will allow you to do it with style. The Gourmet pancake gift box is also a fantastic gift you can send to your remote or hybrid employees.

kadoo fall gourmet breakfast pancake corporate gift box

KADOO’s Fall gift box is a mix of everything that Fall represents for most people: coziness, mesmerizing scents, delicious snacks, and a color scheme of warm and rich colors. The box is more of a memorable experience you are offering than a simple box with individual gifts. The designers of this gift have thought through every element included in the box to complement and generate an experience for the giftees. 

By offering the Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box to your clients, employees, family, or even to yourself, you are gifting a memorable experience of fun activity in the cozy autumn mornings. 

A Project Made Together Only with Organic Vendors  

The Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box is a collection that includes products from different vendors who share the same value: provide healthy and delicious products to consumers. 

To create a delicious experience for gift recipients and yet emphasizing on health, KADOO team did a deep research to select only organic products to be featured in the Fall holiday gift box. This is where Finding Home Farms, Shortbread House of Edinburgh, and Banner Road Baking Company came into the picture.

Finding Home Farms is a family-owned organic business that brings the farm’s best to all its products. The company sells various lifestyle products, from 100% soy candles to home decor products, and pantry offerings.

Shortbread House of Edinburgh is a business of tradition in the baking industry. The company takes pride in the sweets it sells as they are the perfect combination between organic products and a top-quality baking experience.

Banner Road Baking Company takes pride in crafting the world’s best granola and finding creative ways to use it in the most delicious products.

The Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box features:

  • Buttermilk pancake and waffle mix, a pantry-staple organic maple syrup, and mouthwatering raspberry jam, all provided by Finding Home Farms vendor. 
  • Award-winning organic granola, provided by Banner Road Baking Company. 
  • Artisanal dark chocolate and orange shortbread cookies, provided by Shortbread House of Edinburgh. 

The Fall Gourmet Pancake gift box also includes a greeting card and a printed plaid Furoshiki cotton wrap that can also be used as a scarf on the chilly autumn days. 

Celebrate this Autumn with the Gourmet Pancake Curated Gift Box from KADOO!  

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