Five Steps to Create Unique Corporate Gifts

Five Steps to Create Unique Corporate Gifts

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KADOO HBO Corporate Celebration Gift Box

Every now and then, your brand will want to say thank you to an employee, congratulate a client, or show an appreciation towards your customers during the holiday season. Corporate gifting is the best way to do that. But, will it be just any gift? Not really. Not if you want to make a long lasting impression and maintain your relationship with the gift recipient. 

Holiday corporate gifts or gifts for any occasions, are a great way to say thank you, congratulations or appreciation to the people that help in growing your business or building your company. But these gifts are also part of your marketing strategy if they're specially tailored to your brand. Branded corporate gifts can help building relationships with clients, encouraging prospects to turn into customers and motivating your team. 

There are five steps to create unique corporate gifts. 

1.    Align it with your brand message

One crucial step in creating unique corporate gifts is to align them with your brand message. When you’re giving a gift to a client, employee or business partner, keep in mind that you’re offering them a present with your brand’s name. So, it makes perfect sense to choose gifts that are align with your company’s objective, goal, and message. After all, corporate gifting is about communicating all that through gifts. 

2.    Pick a theme and design

Once again, your brand identity should be reflected in the corporate gift ideas you want to offer. Always incorporate your brand identity in the gift, from your logo, color palette, design elements and any other visual details that link the present to your company. 

3.    Make it really personal

Personalization is critical in creating long lasting and thriving relationship in the business world. Clients, employees, or business partners have one thing in common: they want to feel important and appreciated. An excellent way to make them feel special is to put a lot of thought into the gifts you choose. The more unique and personal your gifts, the more likely your company will be remembered. 

4.    Pick the right items

The gift items you choose are fundamental in creating a good impression. It’s a lot of work to choose something that everybody will like, but here are some ideas: 

  • Food and beverages : avoid alcohol and highly processed foods. Choose something natural, made locally and organic instead. 
  • Books (for inspiration)
  • Spa products (for relaxation)

5.    Create unique unboxing experiences that will last

Last but not least, you need to think about packaging too. 

We all love opening presents. There’s a certain excitement waiting to see what you’ve received. But, at the same time, we appreciate all the small details related to packaging, from wrapping paper to tag and the color palette of the overall gift. 

HBO celebration box is an excellent example of a unique unboxing experience. The corporate gifting challenge was to create a celebratory box celebrating the premiere of HBO new documentary show " Small Town News". KADOO came up with a corporate gifting idea that was unisex, with a color palette reflecting the Small Town News logo in black, yellow and gold.

KADOO HBO Corporate Celebration Furoshiki Gift Box with Confetti Popper

Several customized items to reflect the HBO brand and to celebrate the special occasion were curated specifically for the box. The final celebration box included a custom candle with the Small Town News logo, a cactus pattern lining paper to reflect the state of Nevada where the documentary was shot, gourmet treats, from a box of artisanal popcorn by Popinsanity to ginger stem cookies by Shortbread of Edinburgh, and a small bottle of Pierre Zero Chardonnay for a toast to the special event. Lastly, the box was wrapped in Furoshiki using a neutral color French linen and adding a fun touch of a confetti popper for a unique celebration moment.

KADOO HBO Corporate Celebration Gift Box Custom Candles

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