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Creative Corporate Gifting for the Holiday Season 2021

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 kadoo mon ceour personalize creative corporate gifts

Christmas isn’t just around the corner. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start planning your gifts ahead to avoid having a stressful experience with deciding what to give to whom this holiday season

When the holiday season arrives, panic settles in. Your mind gets invaded by questions like, “what presents to buy?” “Who should be on my gift list?”, “Will I have enough time to prepare the right gifts for everybody?”. Spare yourself from some headaches and panic buying experiences by planning your corporate gifts early for the 2021 holiday season.

Why Start Planning Your Holiday Gifts Early?

There are a million reasons why you should start planning your holiday gifts early, even summertime early, and NO reason why you shouldn’t. Here are a few reasons why you should think about corporate holiday gifting as early as possible:

You avoid product shortages.

Most people tend to leave holiday gifting at the last minute, meaning that most people will try to buy the same products you want to purchase days before the holiday season starts. This results in product shortages. Spare yourself from limited product options (or no options at all) and do your holiday gifting shopping early to find the best corporate client gifts.

You avoid shipping delays.

Even if you do manage to find the right corporate gifts last-minute, this doesn’t mean that they’ll get to you in time. Everybody orders plenty of stuff during the holiday season, which makes it difficult for delivery companies to respect their estimated delivery dates. Early planning also helps you avoid shipping delays.

You avoid having a stressful experience.

Running from one store to another or surfing from one online store to another, hoping that you’ll eventually find something to buy, isn’t how holiday gifting should be like. It should be a fulfilling and hassle-free experience. Plus, you should be able to find unique corporate gifts that truly impress. If you buy your corporate gifts earlier, you’ll give yourself a rest from the stressful responsibility of figuring out corporate holiday gifts. What’s more, having more time to plan and prepare your corporate gifts will help you create gifts that truly reflect your brand.

Corporate Gift Ideas That Will Impress

Now you know why you should start early to plan your corporate gifts for your clients, business partners, and employees. But, there’s likely still one big question in your mind “What corporate gifts should I offer?”. Don’t worry! We have some ideas for creative corporate gifting that will help you impress your corporate peers.

Mon Coeur Gift Box

A box filled with delicious products, like organic honey and chocolate, perfect for a launch that has no impact on our environment. Mon Coeur Gift Box contains products that are organic and promote a message of sustainability and reusability. This gift idea is perfect for your environmentally-friendly corporate acquaintances. 

KADOO Mon Cour Creative and Customize Corporate Gifting

custom and personalize card for mon ceour corporate curated gift box

KADOO developed this corporate gifting idea as a solution for a sustainable kids fashion company called Mon Coeur who needed a theme gift box for a launch event. Addressing the challenge of creating a corporate gift box that would suit Mon Coeur's brand mission and style, KADOO tailored everything about the box to align with Mon Coeur's philosophy. The products within the box are sourced from sustainable sources that have no or minimal impact on the environment. In addition, everything from the hangtag, the notecard, the envelope, and the fabric wrap was designed and customized to be suitable branded materials, featuring the pattern and logo of Mon Coeur company.

Every brand deserves the opportunity to get a tailored gift box idea to offer to their corporate contacts and impress them.

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