Lavender bliss gift box for her with curated products from women-owned business

This International Women's Day, show your love and gratitude with a gift that comes from the heart

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Every year, on March 8, we celebrate International Women's Day, and for all of us here at KADOO, it's a day that sits very close to our hearts. We believe that the special women in our lives deserve the best, which is why it was our pleasure to curate unique gift boxes from some of the most exciting up-and-coming brands. We are happy to say that 80% of our products come from women-owned businesses that are created to support other women and their local communities.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for International Women's Day, we believe you will love our Lavender Bliss Gift Box – a charming collection of self-care essentials crafted with love by some of our favorite women-owned businesses and carefully curated by our meticulous gift experts.

The Lavender Bliss Gift Box is all about relaxation. Inspired by the soothing properties of lavender, the box includes four charming products that are both indulging and beautiful to look at. It's the perfect Women's Day option for your partner, mother, sister, friend, colleague, boss, or any other woman in your life who inspires you every day.

Let's have a glimpse inside:

La Chatelaine Lavender Hand Lotion

A healing touch for dry hands, this lavender hand lotion from La Chatelaine has a luxurious fragrance and is enriched with organic extracts of shea butter, calendula, and argan oil. Light yet nourishing, La Chatelaine Lavender Hand Lotion can be used on the go, for a quick hydration boost, or before bedtime, as part of your pampering ritual.

About the brand: La Chatelaine is a beauty brand produced in the South of France and was founded by Dana DeVorzon. 

Musee Flourish in Love Shea butter soap

Handmade in the USA, this fresh-smelling soap is a delight for the senses. Thanks to its rich formula, the Musee Flourish in Love Shea butter soap thoroughly cleanses your skin without stripping it or leaving it dry.

About the brand: Musee is a handmade bath products company founded in Madison County, Mississippi. As part of their mission to empower women, they have partnered with an organization called Crossroads, which provides refuge for vulnerable women. 

Persephone Candle by L'or de Seraphine

Infused with essential oils, and featuring notes of jasmine, bergamot, rosewood and pepper, this candle will take you back to that sophisticated spring garden and the elegant ceramic container can be reused after burning. Made from a sustainably sourced palm wax blend.

About the brand: Founded by sisters Dana and Laina, L'or de Seraphine offers rich, tranquil home fragrances that come in stunning designs.   

Nana's Escentuals Eye Pillow Lavender Peppermint

Take away the stress of a long day with this indulging aromatherapy treatment, perfect for sinus and headache relief.

About the brand: Nana's Escentuals is a women-owned business based in Newton, North Carolina, offering comforting handmade lifestyle products.  

The Lavender Bliss Gift Box is wrapped in our reusable Furoshiki 100% French linen, and it can be adorned with an elegant dry flower bouquet.

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