Furoshiki Wrap: an Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Alternative

Furoshiki Wrap: an Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Alternative

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Data suggests that Americans produce and throw out an added 1 million tons of trash per week during the holiday season. One most significant seasonal waste thrown away is single-use gift wrap. 

Is there an eco-friendlier way to offer nicely wrapped gifts and reduce paper waste? Yes, there is. The answer is Furoshiki fabric wrap.  

Making the switch from single-use wrapping paper to reusable and no waste Furoshiki holiday gift wrap this season will significantly reduce paper waste and save yourself some time and effort too! 

This Furoshiki gift wrapping guide will explain everything you need to know about this eco-friendly alternative to wrapping your holiday gifts and cutting down your environmental impact this holiday season. 

Furoshiki explained

Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese method of using a single piece of fabric to wrap gifts nicely. No need for scotch, scissors, or other tools to wrap your gifts. With Furoshiki, a single piece of printed cloth is simply folded around the gift, allowing you to adapt it to all sorts of wrapping purposes, whether that is a box, a bottle, or a gift with a unique shape. Furoshiki is more than an eco-friendlier alternative to gift wrapping. 

Furoshiki is a creative gift wrap alternative that is reusable, allowing you to offer your loved ones two gifts in one. With every gift, Furoshiki makes the art of gift-giving more personal and special to both the giver and the recipient. The giver has the joy of wrapping the present in an eco-friendly cloth wrap, while the recipient has the pleasure of untying it and using it again. 

Using Furoshiki wrap also saves you the hunt through all your drawers looking for the scotch tape. You also don’t need any specific tools to wrap your gift. Plus, you will be done wrapping your gift within seconds! 

Furoshiki holiday gift wrapping ideas

With the holiday season just around the corner, you’re likely already on the hunt for the best gifts for your loved ones. But have you considered wrapping? This year you can wrap your gifts in beautiful Furoshiki fabric wrapping. 

Wondering how to wrap gift with Furoshiki? It’s really easy! KADOO experts offer step-by-step instructions on wrapping a gift with Furoshiki fabric wrap and saving some paper waste from the landfill. 

How to Furoshiki? Follow these steps: 

#1. Use a square fabric thick enough to hold the weight of your gift. 

#2. Lay flat your Furoshiki fabric and place the gift diagonally in the center.

#3. Bring the non-adjacent corners together and cover the gift box. 

#4. Fold one corner of the fabric and tuck it under your gift box. Repeat for the other corner. 

#5. Bring the two other corners around the top of the gift box and tie them once. 

Extra tip: Add some flowers or greenery to style your gift wrapping. Add a gift tag to your gift! 

Celebrate the wonder of this holiday season and offer unique gifts with KADOO’s newly printed Furoshiki wrap! 

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