Father’s Day Gift Boxes for the Coolest Dads in the World

Father’s Day Gift Boxes for the Coolest Dads in the World

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A father is someone you’ve always looked up to. He was there when you made your first steps. He taught you (or at least tried to) all the things that every self-respecting kid should know – ride a bike, swim in a pool, climb trees. He probably gave you your first driving lesson. Your dad may not look or sound like the coolest person in the world but to you, he is. Fatherly figures come in many forms - your biological dad, stepfather, godfather, father-in-law, etc. – and all of them must be cherished, loved, and praised.

We are so lucky to have a special day when it is all about our dads, and this year we celebrate it on June 19th. Even if your dad says he doesn’t want any gifts, deep down inside you know he is on the edge of his chair. Hence your duty is to find something he’ll truly enjoy – a banal ‘Best Dad in The World’ mug just won’t do. Want to show your dad how well you know him? Then here are some great Father’s Day Gift Boxes ideas to get your old man over the moon.

Tech Desk Curated Gift Box – For Technophile Dads

It’s high time that your dad switches from wired headphones to something more compact and convenient. With Tech Desk Curated Gift Box, he’ll get to know what going wireless really means. The carefully assembled gift box features top-notch Bluetooth earbuds and a genuine leather case to store them with style. As an extra touch, we added handcrafted salted caramel and dark chocolate pretzels to meet his needs for snacks with a man’s character.

Unique, custom curated gift for him by kadoo. Perfect for father's day, birthday gift, employee and more.

On the Go Curated Gift Box – For Active Dads

Is your dad a ball of fire? Does he prefer running around over lazing away? Then KADOO  On the Go Gift Box is the best thing your money can buy. It provides a quality-made collapsible water bottle that will keep him hydrated while he is out and about and won’t be a nuisance when it is not in use. If your dad has a sweet tooth, he won’t resist brown butter cookies, 85% cocoa dark chocolate, as well as exquisite Nordic peach & bergamot wine gums.

Gourmet Snack Box – For Dads Who Love Savory Delights  

Your pa never says ‘no’ to tasty nibbles? Then our Gourmet Snack Box is sure to strike the right note. This gift box is not only tasteful but also full of tastes. We bet he has never tried truffle-infused beef jerky. Well, it’s your chance to please your old man. On top of that, the box delivers peanut butter artisan popcorn, designer licorice, salted caramel pretzels, and spelt crackers. We even threw a champagne lollipop into the bargain because gourmet delights should be explored in every shape, form, or taste.

Celebration Curated Gift Box – For Dads Enjoying Indulging Themselves

Father’s Day is a special day, and it must be celebrated in a fashion appropriate for the occasion. Kick off the celebration with sparkling wine, continue with a nibble at gingerbread cookies or flavorful licorice, and have a bite of delicious dark milk chocolate to conclude the day – all of this, and even more, is available with the Celebration Curated Gift Box. Let your dad explore the tastes of the world!

Morning Coffee Curated Gift Box – For Caffeine Enthusiast Dads

A cup of fragrant coffee and palatable snacks, can there be a better start to the day? If that’s your dad’s morning ritual, you ought to let him savor the world’s oldest blend of coffee. It can be found in KADOO  Morning Coffee Curated Gift Box alongside exquisite pick-me-ups – gingerbread tiles and citrus gummy bears. But morning is just the beginning – a stylish desktop notepad will help him stay organized throughout the day, and many more days to come.

Dads are Different, So Are Father’s Day Gifts

Some dads are super active, some prefer a comfy couch. Some have a sweet tooth, and some love savory snacks. Some are old-fashioned, and some are tech enthusiasts. Dads are different, so are the gifts for Father’s Day. Here at KADOO, we scout all over the world to find high-quality products with charisma worthy of the coolest fathers. Our Father’s Day gift boxes are more than a stylish selection of must-haves and must-tries, they are also eco-friendly thanks to reusable and recyclable materials such as our go-to Furoshiki fabric wraps.

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