Wedding Gift Ideas to Appreciate The Couple, Guests, and Everyone Involved

Wedding Gift Ideas to Appreciate The Couple, Guests, and Everyone Involved

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Weddings celebrate the union of two loving hearts. How can we mark this heartfelt occasion without meticulously chosen wedding gifts? They are a manifestation of how well you know the newlyweds, how much you love and appreciate them. But this remarkable day isn’t only about the two in love. Guests, bridesmaids, and groomsmen deserve a little token of gratitude, too. Below, are some wedding gift ideas to help make this romantic event unforgettable for everyone involved. But before we jump into it, let us show you how many forms wedding gifts can take.

  • Bride and groom wedding gifts – presents he and she are bound to enjoy.
  • For brides and grooms to be – a small gift for newly engaged to mark the first step toward their nuptials.
  • Wedding favors – a thank you gift for guests for sharing this memorable moment with you.
  • Bridesmaid gifts – show how much your maid of honor and bridesmaids mean to you.
  • Groomsmen gifts – a small ‘shootout’ to the best man and groom’s pals for being there for him
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Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Curated Gift Box - For Newlyweds

Set a romantic mood for a journey that has just begun with Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Curated Gift Box. It contains carefully selected goodies to make their honeymoon even sweeter – truffle chocolate, rose and peppermint chocolate, gourmet Morning Mud Coffee or English Breakfast Tea (it’s your chance to prove how well you know the lovebirds), as well as heart-embellished enamel mugs for their fragrant beverages.

The Bridesmaid Curated Gift Box – For Bridesmaid Proposals

Designed to help express your gratitude to your best ladies for being so awesome, Bridesmaid Curated Gift Box contains handpicked beauty products and sweets that keep the excitement of your special day alive via the power of scents. Every time they use a nourishing Rose Geranium soap or Will You Be My Bridesmaid? bath balm, they’ll embark on a trip down memory lane. Do your bridesmaids have a sweet tooth? Then they won’t be able to resist tempting Ginger Tiles cookies and Strawberry Champagne lollipops.

The Bride to Be Gift Box – For the Girl Who Said ‘Yes’

 Send your warmest wishes to your bestie and help her shine on her special day with our curated Bride to Be Gift Box. A Bride’s Guide to Glow Book will reveal the secrets of a fresh and blooming look, while luscious Rose sugar cubes and a luxurious silk eye mask will give her many enjoyable ‘me’ moments. A glowing bride-to-be is a happy bride-to-be, that’s why we added rose and black pepper chocolate to help release the feel-good hormones, as well as a gorgeous Bloom wine glass to bring extra chic to her vino rituals.


The Toile Candle Gift Box – For Wedding Favors

 Looking for a thoughtful token of appreciation for your wedding guests? Then our Toile Candle Gift Box is exactly the right thing. This elegant gift box features a scented candle that praises the vibe of the charming Parisian districts - Tuileries Palais-Royal, Jardin du Luxembourg, and Place des Vosges. Let exquisite aromas take them to the most romantic city on Earth! The box is wrapped in a stylish Furoshiki cotton cloth and your choices are blue or pink toile prints. 

kadoo wedding guest gift favor

The Celebration Curated Gift Box – For Groomsmen

Men like presents, too, especially when it comes to the gestures showing how much they are valued and cherished. With Celebration Curated Gift Box, your groomsmen will get to know how much you care without extra words. The groomsmen gift box features top-notch products to satisfy their craving for gourmet sweets – gingerbread tile cookies, heavenly delicious licorice coated in Belgian chocolate, Ecuador mark milk chocolate bar, as well as sparkling wine in two mouthwatering forms – a lollipop and non-alcoholic drink. Let them mark the birthday of a new family with a great deal of taste.

Gifts That Say More than Words

Every gift box by KADOO is a story of love, thrilling discoveries, and sustainability. We embark on a journey to every corner of the world to find the best gems they can offer. Give yourself and the ones you cherish the luxury of exploring the tastes and experiences of the world! While assembling our gift boxes, we keep eco-friendliness in mind. To implement our commitments to sustainability, we utilize recyclable packaging materials as well as Furoshiki cotton wraps that you can use for many more festive occasions.

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