Back to School Gifts Ideas for High Schoolers and College Students

Back to School Gifts Ideas for High Schoolers and College Students

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A new school year is already around the corner. Soon your loved ones will make their way back to the classroom and have their nose to the grindstone. And if it's their first year in college, seeing them fly the nest can be exciting and poignant at the same time. Either way, you can make this moment a thing to remember. With back to school gifts carefully selected by KADOO, you will help making their journey of knowledge to succeed.

Write it Down Curated Gift Box – Memory-Preserving Goodies

College life is bristling with events, new acquaintances, and impressions of a lifetime. Why not allow your frosh to perpetuate those thrilling memories with a journal? Our Write it Down Curated Gift Box provides a beautiful notebook for jotting down their thoughts, experiences, and plans to conquer the world. Along with that, it contains delicious fuel sources for the brain in gorgeous packaging – handmade shortbread cookies and organic eucalyptus honey are sure to sweeten their day. Finally, a cup of aromatic English Breakfast tea will inspire them to greater heights.

Morning Coffee Curated Gift Box – Perk Me Up Pack of Treats

Your college student can’t imagine their morning without a cup of fragrant coffee? Give them the best with Morning Coffee Curated Gift Box. Morning Mud, the world’s oldest coffee blend will turn them into connoisseurs of an invigorating drink and provide energy to face the day. To make their morning ritual even more delicious, we added vanilla-glazed gingerbread cookies and citrus mix gummy bears. Last but not least, a stylish desktop notepad will help them stay focused and organized.


On the Go Curated Gift Box – A Blend of Taste and Function

Your fresher is a spark plug, live wire, or eager beaver? Encourage their enthusiasm with Kadoo’s On the Go Curated Gift Box full of delightful goodies that are bound to send them to cloud nine. The highlight of this box is a collapsible water bottle. Made durably of eco-friendly materials, it will accompany your sharpy throughout their college journey. This journey can be sweet, too! We made sure to add mouthwatering brown butter cookies and wine gums delivering a unique flavor of peach and bergamot. As a final touch, our back to school gift box provides gourmet blend coffee to help kick-start their brain.


Tech Desk Curated Gift Box – For Audiophile Freshers

Is your newly minted student into gadgets? Does their smartphone desperately need high-quality accessories? Then our Tech Desk Curated Gift Box is exactly what the doctor ordered. With compact wireless earbuds, audio entertainment will pursue them every step of the way. But that's not all, a case crafted from full-grain leather will let your audiophile carry their earbuds with elegance. On top of that, we threw in rosemary truffle caramels and mini pretzels to give them something to munch on when a sugar craving strikes.

The Celebration Curated Gift Box – Go-To Option for Young Adults

The first year in college is a milestone worth celebrating. Give them a taste of adult life with Kadoo’s Celebration Curated Gift Box featuring alcohol-free sparkling wine and treats to make their freshmen year more fun. Sophisticated gingerbread cookies, licorice chocolate truffles, exquisite designer dark milk chocolate, and artisan champagne lollipop will make them feel cherished and appreciated.


Thoughtful Back to School Gifts

Our gift boxes include carefully selected products by world-renowned brands and aspiring small businesses from around the globe. Their superb quality and unique tastes are sure to delight you and your recipients, whether they are high-school students, freshers, or teachers. All our gift boxes are wrapped in re-usable Furoshiki cotton fabric adorned with lovely patterns and feature recyclable packaging. Tasty, thoughtful, and sustainable – it is a perfect combination for a lasting impression.

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