Labor Day Gift Boxes to Show Gratitude to Your Employees 

Labor Day Gift Boxes to Show Gratitude to Your Employees 

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Workers, employees, laborers, teamwork, workforces, … without them, our economy would never thrive, your business would never be able to take off. They are the embodiment of hard work, the back bone of our economy and we owe our success to their contribution. Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for their diligence and dedication. Struggling to find the right gift for the occasion? KADOO is here to help. Our Labor Day gift boxes provide hand-picked selections of useful items and tasty snacks to show your appreciation and gratitude toward those who work for your company.

This year we make Labor Day even better. With the code LABOR20, you can save 20% on all KADOO gift boxes. Without further ado, let us introduce a few great options to reward your employees for their hard work.

Tech Desk Curated Gift Box

Packed to the brim with sought-after goodies, Tech Desk gift box will please sweet tooth and gadget enthusiasts alike. The former is certain to enjoy gourmet rosemary truffle sweets along with crunchy savory pretzels. For the latter, we deliver high-end wireless earbuds, which combine crystal-clear sound, surprising compactness, and lengthy playtime. To make this gift even more thoughtful, we added a stylish full-grain leather holder for the charging case.

On The Go Curated Gift Box

Your employees are active in and outside the office? Encourage their enthusiasm with our On The Go Curated Gift Box. Intended specifically for men and women of action, it delivers a neat water bottle featuring a collapsible design. It will come in handy wherever they go and whatever they do since it takes almost no space when being compressed. Along with that, the gift box delivers Morning Mud ground coffee to help your employees wake up and get into a working mood. Finally, to satisfy their craving for sweets, we added brown butter cookies and delicious wine gums blending peach and bergamot flavors.

Afternoon Tea Curated Gift Box 

Tea connoisseurs are bound to appreciate English Pacific Mint Tea, which is a highlight of our Afternoon Tea gift box. Now their tea breaks are going to be even more delicious, and thanks to a designer enamel mug, they can enjoy their fragrant beverage with added style and elegance. On top of that, the gift box includes organic eucalyptus honey, a wooden honey dipper, and delectable vanilla cookies from an award-winning bakery. Tasty, healthy, and exquisite – this is all about KADOO Afternoon Tea gift box. 

Write It Down Curated Gift Box

Write It Down gift box features carefully selected goodies to help your employees start their day on the right foot. What can be better than a cup of aromatic tea to get ready to face the day? Impeccably British, smooth, and flavorful, English Breakfast black tea is loved across the globe, and your team will surely appreciate its invigorating taste. Tea ceremonies can’t do without tasty snacks, hence we supplemented the drink with organic eucalyptus honey as well as handmade cookies in lovely packaging. Last but not least, the gift box features an elegant notebook to make your employees even more productive. 

With TLC for Your Team and the World 

Every single Labor Day gift box by KADOO is created with care and thoughtfulness in mind. We focus only on top-tier products to make your gifts fun, useful, and impressive. Along with that, we are committed to making gift-giving rituals friendly for the environment. Hence, we utilize original Furoshiki cotton cloths to wrap our boxes, which your recipients can use in the future for decorating their presents, as well as recyclable packaging materials. With KADOO Labor Day gift boxes, you can express your gratitude to your employees and show appreciation for nature.

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