Why Starting Corporate Holiday Gift Planning in September is a Good Idea

Why Starting Corporate Holiday Gift Planning in September is a Good Idea

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KADOO Corporate Holiday Catalog 2022Every year, holiday season arrives at the same time. However, it invariably gets to catch us off guard. Instead of taking care of the most important things (like gifts for employees and business partners) in advance, we start frantically considering our options to try and find something that will do. In the end, we spend a lot of money and put a lot of effort but our gifts leave much to be desired. If you don’t want your gift-giving to turn into a train wreck, it is a good idea to start preparing holiday gifts ahead of time.

Repair your cart in December, in July you sledge remember – this perfectly describes the best approach to holiday gift giving. In other words, you should get to planning what, how, and to whom to give now, by the end of summer, precisely in the month of September. This will enable you to find (or even create) gifts that are sure to delight your recipients and take the stress out of your experience.


We have no shortage of corporate gift options when the holiday season rolls around. However, if you start looking for gifts too late, the most appealing options may already be out of stock. What's left delivers great quality, too, but this may not be exactly the right thing. Wouldn't it be better to be that early bird that gets the sought-after worm?

So, while there are still a few months until D-Day, give yourself the luxury of exploring the range of corporate gift boxes at your own pace. Today, your chances of finding a gift that will strike the right chord with your employees and partners are higher than ever.


Do you want your corporate gift to be unique? In this case, customized gifts are the way to go. They are a perfect solution to show your recipients how much you care, plus they provide an opportunity for positive brand associations. However, customization takes time, and you may not have this time when a festive season looms on the horizon.

To make sure your gifts turn out to be the way you envision, you should start preparing now. Give yourself time to decide what items you want your unique gift boxes to include, how they should align with the corporate aesthetic, what words you want your personalized message to deliver, etc. Early planning will also allow us to bring your vision to life without any hiccups. This is a win-win situation for everyone.


If you are lucky, last-minute gifts can be useful and delivering great value for your recipients. But if you’re not, they will come with a great deal of stress for you and disappointment for whomever they are intended. Worse still, they may not arrive on time because the holiday season is not the most wonderful time of the year from shipping and logistic perspectives. Remember the challenges of logistics and shipping delay last year? And we surely do not want to experience that this year. The only thing that is worse than a less-than-perfect gift is no gift at all. This can happen if you postpone ordering corporate gifts until the last minute.


At KADOO, we are sure to have amazing gifts for the people who work for you and the people you work with. And if for any reason you don’t find a special corporate gift box, we will create it for you! While carrying a great value for your staff and partners, our gifts are made with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind. Not only do they feature recyclable packaging and reusable Furoshiki cotton wraps, but also they help plant new trees. Every gift box purchased from us means one tree to be planted. With KADOO gifts, you make your team happier and our world better.

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