A Simple Guide to Corporate Gifting

A Simple Guide to Corporate Gifting

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Not many people know this, but corporate gifts are a powerful marketing tool capable of strengthening relationships with a recipient, whether it is a business partner, a client, prospect, or employee. A gift is a kind of gratitude for fruitful cooperation. It is also a manifestation of your care for those who have chosen your company and remained loyal to it. The right corporate gift can say a lot about your company and your attitude towards people who work or do business with it.

The Importance of Corporate Gifts

A gift is always a pleasant surprise. Every time you receive a beautifully wrapped box, you experience a surge of joy hormones. Your clients and partners are no different. They will be glad to receive something that shows that you care. More importantly, a gift doesn’t just deliver short-term joy, it also helps develop trust. Many people rely on trust when making decisions. A sense of trustworthiness can turn a prospect into a client. It is able to enhance an emotional connection between your business and existing clientele. It will help your employees feel secure and valued.

On top of that, corporate gift-giving is a great marketing tactic. Gifts can be the building blocks of a strong corporate image. They are another reminder of your brand. Your original and memorable gifts can signify that partnering with you is pleasant and beneficial.

How to Give Corporate Gifts?

So, a good gift is a win-win for your company and a receiver. But what is a good gift exactly? And when to give it to create the most lasting impression? Here are a few tips.

  1. Choose the Right Time 

It’s a common practice to give gifts at the end of the year. But just because others do it doesn't mean you should do the same. Be original and you will have a chance to stand out. If you want to thank all your clients/partners/employees for being great, pick the time outside the festive season. For example, you can turn the Labor Day (celebrated on the first Monday in September) into the gift-giving day. Don’t forget about the National Employee Appreciation Day on March the 3rd because your team deserves heartfelt gratitude for all the hard work.

Alternatively, you can choose a more personalized approach. If a major milestone, birthday, or a partner company founding day is approaching, it makes sense to use these dates to send your gifts.

  1. Be Subtle With Branding

Another reminder of your brand is good but make sure not to go overboard with it. Otherwise, your gift may seem impersonal and even overly promotional. Instead of plastering your logo on every gift item, you can go with one of the following options:

-  A branded gift box featuring your logo on the exterior. We deliver such alternatives as a printed screen logo, a simple ribbon with a logo hangtag, and a logo on the paper sleeve.

-  A branded Furoshiki wrapping. Custom Furoshiki fabric printed with your company logo and colors will look stylish and unobtrusive.

- Incorporate your company branding colors into the gift items by choosing products which packaging matches your color scheme.

By sticking to this approach, you are able to maintain your corporate identity in a smart and friendly way.

  1. Make Your Gift Personal 

A gift that is given in person will have the strongest emotional connection with your company. If you don’t have a chance to deliver your gifts personally, the next best thing is to add a handwritten note for a recipient. It can express your gratitude, convey your wishes for a special occasion, or explain why you think they will like this gift. It's such a simple gesture but it's sure to resonate with those for whom the gift is intended.

Curated Gifts by KADOO

Looking for thoughtful gifts for the ones who stayed loyal to your company in these challenging times? KADOO is here to help. Our gift boxes provide hand-picked top-tier items from all over the world. Your choices are full customization or ready-to-give boxes completed with a personalized message and branded imagery. Either way, your recipients are going to be on cloud nine. 

Go ahead and check out a few fine options we have in store for you: 

Tech Desk

This box is your best bet if you’re in need of a gift for a techie. It features high-quality wireless earbuds, a genuine leather case, as well as caramel sweets as an extra touch.

On The Go

This gift will appeal to a person who is always active and cares about the environment. Here, your recipient will find a collapsible water bottle, dark chocolate, brown butter cookies, and wine gums.

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Morning Coffee

Designed for those who can't start a day without a sip of fragrant coffee, it is an excellent gift for employees and clients alike. Besides a tin of roasted ground coffee, it provides flavorful snacks and a stylish desktop notepad.

Kadoo morning coffee employee appreciation gift box

Afternoon Tea

Soothing and tasty, this gift box will delight a person wishing to have their afternoon tea with chic.  

Gift giving is important if you want to maintain a strong corporate image. With KADOO, your gifts will always have a wow-factor.

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