KADOO Galaxy Special Edition Gift for him Father's Day

In celebration of the recent historical launch of Falcon 9 and the successful Starlink mission, we are launching our Galaxy Special Edition just in time for Father's Day.

The collection consisted of a limited edition of Solar System, Moon and Star Constellation pattern fabric wraps by A Little Lark. Made in the USA. Hand screen printed in Portland, Oregon. 100% cotton. Use this cloth as bandana, face cover, scarf or as an alternative to wrapping paper. Learn more about this collection, here

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KADOO Black Lives Matter Worthy Hands Artwork by Ohhappydani Danielle Coke

The past week has been a learning week for all of us to listen, to learn and to understand the pain that has been affecting our black community. We stand with the protestors who are putting their voices and bodies on the line to advocate, to fight all racially motivated violence and state-sanctioned brutality.

Diversity isn't only a value for our company. It is literally who we are as a company, how we live and perform in our world and business. We are always committed to be a diverse company and to embrace all communities especially our black community who have been experiencing racial injustice and lack of opportunities in many facets. 

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KADOO Sustainable Packaging

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day feels very special today, as we practice social distancing and we stay home to flatten the curve. One silver lining of all these restrictions is that carbon emissions from fossil fuels is reduced to the largest drop on record. Energy use has declined, we have the lowest level of air pollution in decades, more clearer water and our individual carbon footprints are shrinking rapidly. Our earth seems to heal itself. 

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8 Ways to De-Stress During The Quarantine

Coronavirus has inundated our lives. Everyone is affected in one manner or another. We know that as the pandemic unfolds, certain health precautions promote safety. Self-distancing, self-isolation, shelter-in-place, and quarantine measures are proven to contain the spread of COVID-19. But, the stress of containment can be exhausting. Humans are naturally social beings. This emergency lifestyle contradicts our innate psychology.

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We're In This Together

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Given the seriousness of the situation it is important to act with caution. Effort is needed to tackle this challenging time, in support of our neighbors, friends, and family. We are being forced to wear many hats. Parents are now teachers; healthcare workers are soldiers on the front lines; brick and mortar businesses are shifting to online solutions.

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