KADOO Black Lives Matter Worthy Hands Artwork by Ohhappydani Danielle Coke

KADOO Commitment to the Black Lives Matter Movement

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The past week has been a learning week for all of us to listen, to learn and to understand the pain that has been affecting our black community. We stand with the protestors who are putting their voices and bodies on the line to advocate, to fight all racially motivated violence and state-sanctioned brutality. 
KADOO is a company built by minority and immigrant women. As small business owners, we do understand the importance of equality and opportunity within our local community. We always encourage diversity within our vendors and makers, and we will continue to include more products from women-owned and minority owners.
Diversity isn't only a value for our company. It is literally who we are as a company, how we live and perform in our world and business. We are always committed to be a diverse company and to embrace all communities especially our black community who have been experiencing racial injustice and lack of opportunities in many facets. 
This is just a start. We are working together with you to make a difference for our community and the world. We are with you.
Artwork by @ohhappydani

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