KADOO Custom Curated Employee Appreciation Gift Box

March 3, 2023, is not just another Friday, it is the day when we recognize and reward employees. National Employee Appreciation Day has been celebrated for almost 30 years, and it is an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude to the ones who work hard for the success of your business. Do you already know how to say the most sincere ‘thank you’ to your employees or perhaps sending gifts to your coworker? If not, let us suggest our Employee Day gift boxes.

Presented in beautiful boxes, these hand-picked collections of artisan products will let them know how happy you are to work with such amazing people.

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The perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for your loved one. Valentine Day gift for her, for him, for your Valentine and for your best friend.

Love is in the air. Can’t decide what to give to the person you love on Valentine's Day? Then you're in the right place. Here, at Kadoo, we've created exciting Valentine's Day gift boxes to delight your loved ones and leave a lasting impression.

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2022 Corporate Holiday Gift Box Collection for Thoughtful Gift-Givers

We all look forward to the upcoming holidays. This is the most magical time of the year when people get closer and wishes come true. You can make it even more special by giving the perfect gift to the ones who have been there for you. Don't forget the people you work with; colleagues, employees, partners, clients, assistants, and everyone who have helped you to get your work done. They, too, deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. With this in mind, KADOO presents our unique 2022 corporate gift collection. Full to the brim with cherry-picked delights, these boxes are a luxurious way to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Reasons to Invest in Corporate Holiday Gifts for Clients and Employees

The holiday season is the right time for gift-giving. We choose gifts for our family and friends with a great deal of enthusiasm, so why should it be any different when it comes to nice little things for the people we work with? Corporate gifts are more than good manners. They come in very handy for strengthening relationships with your recipients, whether they be a client, partner, or employee.

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Why Starting Corporate Holiday Gift Planning in September is a Good Idea

Every year, holiday season arrives at the same time. However, it invariably gets to catch us off guard. Instead of taking care of the most important things (like gifts for employees and business partners) in advance, we start frantically considering our options to try and find something that will do. In the end, we spend a lot of money and put a lot of effort but our gifts leave much to be desired. If you don’t want your gift-giving to turn into a train wreck, it is a good idea to start preparing holiday gifts ahead of time.

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