KADOO Gift Box celebrating International Women Day

Happy International Women's Day!

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Every year on March 8th, we express our gratitude for all the women for what they are–strong, loving, independent, gorgeous, and special. Women have been fighting for the right to live in a gender-equal society for a long time, and this struggle does not cease in this day and age. In anticipation of International Women's Day, we would like to celebrate woman-owned businesses, which became our partners and our inspiration.

PLŪKT X KADOO Orange Blossom Gift Box

KADOO Orange Blossom Gift box with Plukt Tea, Chocolate, Orange Slice and more.

Do you like tea as much as we do? If you say ‘yes’, it is your mission to explore the tea tastes of the world. KADOO and PLŪKT give you such an opportunity.

The ambassadors of Nordic tea culture, PLŪKT boldly experiments with herbal blends to deliver the flavors and aromas of Parauliena parish, the scenic North-central region of Latvia. The brand was established by two beautiful women, Līga Lieplapa and Māra Lieplapa, who wanted to share the secrets of Nordic tea traditions with the world. Today, PLŪKT teas can be found in 19 countries across the globe, and you, too, can pamper yourself with these fragrant drinks courtesy of our gift boxes.

So, what are the secrets of a perfect cup of tea by PLŪKT? Herbs and plants harvested in Nordic meadows and forests, organic cultivation, and sustainability.

Whispering Willow X KADOO Lavender Bliss Gift Box

kadoo lavender bliss gift box with Whispering Willow Bath Salt, cookie, eye mask & more.

It is natural to take care of our health and beauty, and the natural way is the best way to indulge yourself in self-care. With this in mind, college sweethearts Julia and Wayne ventured into a handcrafted apothecary business.

Today, Whispering Willow prides itself on manufacturing a wide range of beauty and wellness products – soaps, bath salts, moisturizers, balms, and many others – all made of natural and organic ingredients and a great deal of love. Eco-friendliness, sustainability, and cruelty-free are at the heart of the brand. Whispering Willow doesn’t use chemicals, doesn’t test its products on animals, and doesn’t utilize plastic packing materials. All of this is to take care of the community and the world. Even more, they donate 10% of their profit to charity. At KADOO, we are proud to have this thoughtful woman-owned business as our partner. 

Ton Savon x KADOO Mother's Day Rose Gift Box

KADOO Gift box Mother's Day Rose Spa with Ton Savon Beauty Soap.

Found in the most scent-permeated region of France, Provence, Ton Savon is the quintessential label of luxurious bath and beauty products. Organic ingredients, time-tested soap recipes, Provence-inspired scents, and affordable prices – these are the things that helped the brand win hearts and minds all over the world.

The founder of Ton Savon, Dana DeVorzon, started her career as a film editor but she has always been drawn to the rustic beauty of southern France and the smells it is imbued with. Chasing her dream, she traded Hollywood for Provence and never looked back. When launching Ton Savon, Dana’s goal was to make luxurious traditional recipes affordable to everyone, and not just as a gift or self-care for special occasions but as products for everyday use.

Today, Ton Savon is a proclaimed brand of high-quality bath and beauty must-haves providing a sense of relaxation, joy, and comfort.

Lady Joseph X KADOO Artisan Snack Gift Box

Lady Joseph Cookies in KADOO Artisan Snack Gift Box

The history of Lady Joseph starts almost 100 years ago, which makes it one of the oldest woman-owned businesses around. As is often the case, love is the locomotive of this story.

The French girl Josephine fell in love with a Spanish winemaker and followed her beloved one to his homeland. Longing for France, she endeavored to recreate the treats her mom loved to make for her. Delicious crispy cookies became her forte, and soon the entire locality was talking about the delightful pastry. There were so many people wishing to indulge themselves in these treats that Josephine had to open a tea salon with an adjacent cookie workshop.

Almost 100 years later, Lady Joseph is still going strong thanks to the effort of Josephine’s grandchildren. Now as then, Lady Joseph thrives on original recipes, ingredients from local farmers, and honest work. Today, these artisan cookies and crackers are an excellent addition to your tea and coffee ceremonies, as well as a gift that shows that you care.

At KADOO, we handpick the best goodies for our gift boxes whether it be delicacies, beauty and care products, or accessories. We choose to partner with woman-run businesses because they know how to treat mind, body, and soul in a luxurious and meaningful way. On International Women's Day, give the gift of love to the lady in your life and support those who work hard for our beauty and wellness.

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