Gift Beyond Words


What gift have you received that meant the most? What’s the most special gift you’ve ever given someone? Let us know, and let’s all inspire each other!
“I was given a beautiful customized crystal from a dear friend. It was unexpected. And I was so happy that she was thinking of me. The gift changed my mindset. It made me feel supported, positive and confident. I could really feel her friendship. It meant a lot.” - Yudhisty 
“I’d always really admired this china dog ornament that my Mom had on the bookshelf when I was growing up. It was a gift from her grandmother, one of a pair. My Mom got one, and her sister, my aunt, got the other. I was going through a bad time – a breakup, in fact, and out of the blue, she gave me a box. It had a china dog in it, exactly like the one from home. She bought a pair from an antique shop, and gave one to me and one to my sister. So now we all have the dogs, and I get so much joy from seeing mine sitting there on my mantle, and remembering that we all have one looking out for us at home – even though we all live far away from each other.” - Kate
“I noticed in my doctor’s office that she had a lot of pomegranate decorations. I put together a box filled with pomegranate items since I know it has a symbolic meaning for her.” - Juanita
“I was stressed out before my wedding. Everything seemed to be going wrong. The venue had to have repairs done and couldn’t cater, so with a week to go, I had no food … then the church literally flooded! My sister sent me a gift box, that had a lovely bubble bath in it, a magazine and a candle – and a mini bottle of gin! I sat in the bath, and actually relaxed for the first time in ages. It was exactly what I needed.” - Sarah

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