KADOO Valentine Gift Collection

KADOO Valentine Gift Collection

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Have you ever received a gift that really moved you? The power of a present is to bring joy and comfort. At KADOO we aspire to be a friend that gives you just what you need. We are here to help deliver that flash of bliss. Our gift boxes create unforgettable moments. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up quick, we crafted thoughtful offerings that everyone can enjoy. Below is a list of our best Valentines gift products.

A little about us
KADOO is a woman owned company that celebrates the art of gift giving. Our passion is to share all our favorites. We believe in highlighting natural, organic, eco-friendly, ethically and locally sourced products. It is part of our ethos to support conscious companies. We only pack the good stuff.

All you need is love
Love is a feeling that encompasses all the senses. It is unconditional, accepting and something to truly relish. In a world that can seem so confusing, love is redeeming. While no material item can ever create this feeling, a thoughtful action can.  

Best Valentine’s gift boxes
One mode of exchange rooted in love—a present. With that in mind we customized three gift boxes: The Hearty Glow, The Love Potion, and The Dapper Man. Each one is a delightful confection to ignite sweet pleasure. Check out what we included:

The Hearty Glow Gift Box
Enhance wellness and pure pleasure. This box is perfect for a sweetheart, family member, friend, coworker, acquaintance, or best of all yourself.

  • Wild Dark Chocolate from Gotham Chocolates – NYC artisan, award winning chocolate.
  • Love Potion Limited Edition Candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio – Eco-friendly and 100% vegan candle.
  • Earth Harbor Tidal Rose Crystal Hydration Mist – Clean beauty product that is ethical, sustainable, non-toxic, synthetic-free, and plant-based.
  • You Are The Best Thing Bath Balm and Glow From Within Bar Soap by Musee – An ethical company working to educate children, provide jobs, and change communities around the world.

The Love Potion Gift Box
Set the mood for Valentines Day. Show your lover you care with this one.

  • Éclat Desert Rose Chocolate Bar – made with exclusive La Boîte spice chocolate.
  • Dona Masala Chai Concentrate – NYC based, sustainable tea concentrate and soda company.
  • Love Potion Gold Travel Candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio – Eco-Friendly and 100% vegan soy candle.
  • Nash | Jones Fossil Clay Mask, Mask Brush, and Bamboo Spoon – Clean organic beauty products, with naturally grown and harvested ingredients.
  • Miya Black and White Small Ceramic Bowl – Historic NYC based, Japanese design tableware company.

The Dapper Man
Shoot an arrow at your guy. This versatile care package is just the ticket to get him feeling extra sexy.

  • K+M Extravirgin Chocolate Bar – Organic, antioxidant rich with extra virgin olive oil, chocolate bar.
  • Men’s Society Weekender Wash Kit – Handmade natural toiletries.
  • Men’s Society Handsome Shave Cream – All natural ingredients.

Feel the love with KADOO
So whether you have big plans to woo, be wooed, or you are in for an intimate night. Get our Valentine’s Day gift boxes to shine a light love.


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