Employee Appreciation Gifts to Welcome Them Back to Work

Employee Appreciation Gifts to Welcome Them Back to Work

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Many employees had to adjust to working from home during the beginning of quarantine. With more cities and states slowly reopen, some offices are safely welcoming their employees back to the office. Show them how excited you are to have them back in the office and on the job with KADOO selection of curated gifts!

At the start of the pandemic, we were approached by a corporation to curate a selection of welcoming gifts for their newly-hired employees who were starting their first day of work by working from home. We created a collection of heart-warming gifts consisted of teas, organic honey straws, premium dark chocolate and hand sanitizer with natural ingredients. Our biggest challenge was to source hand sanitizers, which were hard to find during that time, made of natural ingredients but with the correct alcohol content, as guided by the CDC. 

KADOO Corporate Gifting Employee Appreciation Gift Box Care Package

We added our touch by adding a bow from a burlap ribbon and personalized hang tags printed with each of the new employee's names on each boxes.

We also made sure the welcome gifts are branded with our client's corporate logo, which was printed on the notecards written with personalized messages from the company to their new employees. We help our corporate client to make a powerful impact while showing their thoughtful appreciation to their new employees.

KADOO Corporate Gifting Employee Appreciation Gift Box Care Package

Welcome Back Gift Ideas

We are very grateful that New York has been showing promising decline of hospitalization for COVID-19 with reported zero mortality rate. More businesses and offices are reopening or preparing to reopen by the end of the summer. Social distancing will still be applied in most businesses which will affect the office dynamic with employee safety as their main priority. 

Transitioning back to the old habits will feel more like a new schedule than returning to a routine. After several months working from home, some employees may experience some difficulty adjusting back to an office setting.

We are here to help any corporation at ease and help your team back into the new normal. Here are our gift selections to welcome your employees back and make their first day returning back to work a positive experience.

The Coffee Society 

Nothing beats a cup of coffee to warm up the soul and start your day right! Give the perfect morning to your employee with this gift of artisanal coffee beans, premium crafted chocolate, an award-winning healthy granola and a new mug to reduce paper cup waste and spreading sustainability awareness within your company. Shop The Coffee Society here

The Morning Wellness 

Give the gift of wellness with this selection of unique products that help boost your employee's energy and refresh during the rest of the day. Featuring: an insulated water bottle to keep your employee hydrated during the day; an antimicrobial and anti-odor fitness towel which could be handy during the workday and to reduce the use of paper towel; rosemary orange scented hand cleansing spray to keep the germs away, and an organic granola to kick start their day! Find this gift here

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