What is Furoshiki?
Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese method of using a single piece of fabric to wrap gifts and to carry essentials. It has become increasingly popular around the world, for its versatility and eco-friendly nature. Furoshiki has since transformed the art of gift-giving making it more personal and special.
The History of Furoshiki
Furoshiki translates to “bath (furo) and spread (shiki)”.
The term originally dates back to Nara period in the 8th century.  People during these times would go to their local bathhouses to wash, relax and socialize. They would wrap their clothes in the fabric to avoid mistaking with other people’s.
Additionally, Furoshiki was also intended to wrap and protect treasures found in Japanese temples, especially during transportation.
In 2006, Furoshiki was widely promoted in Japan to increase environmental awareness and reduce the use of plastic. Today, it is commonly used by Japanese school children to carry bento boxes and by gift-givers around the world as a sustainable way to wrap gifts.
How to Furoshiki?
  • Make sure to use a square fabric.
  • Fabric has to be thick enough to hold the weight of the gift.
  • Common square sizes are 17 inches x 17 inches (45 cm x 45 cm) and 28 inches x 28 inches (70 cm x 70 cm).
    1. Place your gift box diagonally in the center of the flat laying square fabric.
    2. Bring the non-adjacent corners together covering the box.
    3. Fold one corner of the fabric tucking it under the box followed by folding and tucking the other one to align with edge of the gift.
    4. Bring the other two corners of the fabric around to the top of your gift box and tie once.
    5. You could leave the fabric edges exposed to your liking or hide them under the knot for a clean finish.
    6. Style your Furoshiki gift wrap with flower or greenery.
    One Furoshiki fabric can be used as:
    • Gift wrapper
    • Bento box/lunch box carrier
    • Face cover
    • Bandana/Headband
    • Scarf
    • Wine wrapper or carrier
    • Table napkins
    • Kitchen towel
    • Other household necessities 
          This coming holiday season, let’s find unused fabric to create unique, elegantly wrapped presents that spread joy and inspire others to be environmentally conscious.