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The Year Of The Tiger

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Lunar New Year 2022- The Year of the Tiger

The Lunar New Year or the Chinese New Year is an ancient celebration that heralds in the brand new year for those who live in China (as well as all around the world). This celebration is held on the second new moon that follows the Winter Solstice.

The idea of the celebration is that it is the end of the cold winter months and spring when new life arrives. 

Every Chinese New Year corresponds to the Chinese Zodiac, which links an animal to each year; these date back to the Qin Dynasty, from over 2000 years ago. 

This year is the year of the Tiger, but what does this mean, and what does the year hold for us all?

celebrate the year of the tiger 2022

The Tiger within the Chinese Zodiac

The Tiger is linked to Yang, masculine energy within the Chinese Zodiac. Those born in the year of the Tiger are often said to be keen on doing things their way and strongly dislike being told what to do in situations. 

That said, Tigers are known to be family-focused, and they want to ensure that they work the relationships that mean the most to them (something likely to be replicated for us all this year as we rediscover time spent with family and friends). 

Tigers can also be driven; however, whilst they want to do their best, they also want to try hard for those around them. They want to earn for their family and to be able to say that they have done what they can to get where they need to be. 

What does the Year of Tiger hold for us?

Last year was the Year of the Ox, which was a time to learn about our brand new world, whilst the year before (the Year of the Rat) was just about surviving and getting through things. 

This year, 2022, the Year of the Tiger, will be when we finally take brave steps towards significant changes. There will be plenty of adventure and maybe even some risk-taking this year. Not only this, but we will also find that we have a new found sense of enthusiasm. This could be for doing things for ourselves, as well as for those around us. 

Let’s just say that we are all ready and waiting to go. Ready to rediscover the world around us. That said, if you were born in the Year of the Tiger, be prepared, as it is said that the zodiac year is always the most unlucky for those who fall within it. However, if you were born in the year of the Pig, the Dog or the Horse, then you can expect to have some great luck. 

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, we think so too. So much so that we believe that more of us should celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

Looking for a way to give someone the chance to celebrate the Chinese New Year themselves?

If you are, then why not look at KADOO Lunar New Year gift box? Designed to contain everything that they may need to welcome in the brand new year of the Tiger. 

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