kadoo custom curated gift boxes for IPG, filled with custom cookies, sustainable towel, custom candy, sunscreen and more.

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes that Leave a Lasting Impression

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Creating custom corporate gift boxes is always an exciting endeavor. At Kadoo, our mission is to seamlessly align the identity of a client with our vision for how high-quality, sustainable gifts should be presented. We pour our hearts into curating that perfect assortment of useful and eco-friendly items that will wow recipients every time they open one of our boxes.

Recently, we teamed up with the marketing agency Interpublic to assemble welcome gifts for a workshop they were hosting in Miami. They wanted to show care and appreciation to their event participants with more than just an ordinary gift box—something uniquely Miami that would make attendees feel special.

Our approach was to craft a fun yellow, white, and blue summer palette that still connected with Interpublic's branding color, blue. The cool blue is reminiscent of the sea and endless sky, warm yellow evokes the sand and radiant sun, and white represents the frothy waves and the feeling of relaxation that one experiences on a tranquil beach.

KADOO custom corporate gift boxes for IPG (Interpublic Group) Miami Workshop event

What’s Inside Our Custom Corporate Gift Boxes?

So, what did we pack in this Miami Beach-themed custom corporate gift box?

The Whites

  • Aloe Up Sunscreen SPF 30 with a formula as light as a sea breeze and as fresh as an ocean mist. We wanted to ensure workshop attendees will be protected whenever they take a break to enjoy Miami's beautiful beaches. This cruelty-free sunscreen is enriched with soothing aloe vera and leaves skin feeling nourished, never greasy.
  • Waterdrop Microdrink cubes to keep everyone hydrated and energized with vitamins throughout busy workshop days. It’s an ingenious way to transform water into a refreshing, sugar-free drink enriched with fruit and plant extracts. These cubes are perfect to toss in a bag and add to any water bottle on the go.

The Blues

  • Quick dry towel by Dock & Bay, ideal for the beach or other activities. It is made of a super absorbent material that miraculously dries in minutes and won't let sand cling. The lightweight, recyclable towel stuffs into a carrying pouch, making it easy to take anywhere adventures may lead.

The Yellows

  • Banana-shaped gummies with a custom "The Beach is Calling" message. A little treat to encourage having fun and recharging when workshops wrap up for the day.
  • A sunny journal with a pen to organize thoughts and ideas inspired during conference sessions.

All at Once

  • To bring an extra touch of summery fun, we included custom cookies shaped like beach balls. Iced with white, yellow, blue, and red, they are not only visually appealing but also scrumptious—the ultimate summer snack!
Custom Cookie Beach Ball for IPG event

waterdrop youth microdrink

Dock and Bay quick dry sustainable towel


To make the gift box even more personalized, we added custom stickers like "The Beach is Calling" and "Life’s Better on the Beach" to inspire recipients to take advantage of everything exciting Miami has to offer. For these, our go to resource is AllStickerPrinting, an online sticker printing company that provides high quality custom stickers, business cards and hang tags for businesses, organizations and events.

We also designed a special tag card, which conveyed warm greetings from Interpublic and blended their corporate identity with the symbolism of a beach holiday. It was a lovely way to create a personal connection between the participants and the company.

As always, we keep sustainability in mind when assembling our custom corporate gift boxes. We used recyclable cardboard boxes and reusable cotton Furoshiki wraps as our commitment to environmental consciousness. We want the joy of these gifts to extend beyond Miami and leave a positive impact on our beautiful planet.

kadoo corporate gift box for IPG with custom labels

We Help Creating Lasting Memories

Curating this vibrant corporate gift box to delight Interpublic's workshop attendees in Miami was an absolute thrill. Our team had so much fun bringing this coastal theme to life.

Though it was still chilly in Minnesota where the workshop attendees came from, the beachy theme of our custom corporate gift box will help transport their minds to Miami and its exciting experiences over and over again. Even with snow piling outside, fond memories of crystal waters and seaside activities will continue to warm their hearts.

kadoo gift box fulfillment for IPG custom corporate gift box

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