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5 Corporate Gifting Companies & How To Choose One

Here is our list of the best corporate gifting companies.

Corporate gifting companies are services that help companies create and deliver gift boxes to their clients, employees, or prospects. The purpose of these companies is to handle all tasks essential for curating and sending gift packages to recipients in different locations.

These ideas are similar to gift box companies and gift sending services. You can use the companies’ services for Employee Appreciation Day, team celebrations, and end of the year celebrations.

This list includes:

• luxury corporate gifting companies

• corporate gifting platforms

• professional gifting companies

• client gifting companies

• employee gifting companies

Here we go!

List of corporate gifting companies

Outsourcing gift-sending tasks to third parties is a great way to save time while guaranteeing client and employee satisfaction. From SnackMagic to KADOO, here are reliable companies that can help you curate and send impressive gifts to recipients.


KADOO is one of the best luxury corporate gifting companies. The company has a reliable experience in branding consultation. Therefore, you can rest assured that the company will help you pack unique gifts that reflect your company’s value, brand ethos, and sales journey.

KADOO will handle all the steps necessary for your corporate gifting, from sourcing to packaging to delivery. The best part is that this corporate gifting service is fully customizable. The company will also organize an initial consultation with you to advise on corporate gifting strategies.

Furthermore, KADOO has in-house graphic designers to create custom cards and letters for whatever occasion you celebrate. Plus, the company can accommodate your recipients’ dietary and cultural requirements. KADOO can also add your company’s products inside the gift boxes.

What are the benefits of corporate gifting?

1. Positive word-of-mouth benefits businesses greatly.

The more people speak about your brand, the more visible it becomes. In addition, corporate gifts are one of the most effective strategies to improve your reputation and keep your company at the forefront of people’s thoughts. Full-service gifting: view KADOO corporate catalog.

2. Custom Branding /Personalization

Personalized gifts demonstrate your care and attention to people’s likes and preferences, establishing you as relationship-driven. A thoughtful present from an employer will have a favorable influence on their workers 81% of the time. Furthermore, this little effort can boost your reputation and attract additional investors and the general public to test your services and become a part of your brand. A well-chosen present will persuade 71% of customers to continue doing business with a company.

3. Exclusive Gifting Portal

Society is becoming more aware of its issues and the need to be more proactive. This has highly affected corporate gift ideas for the last period. In addition, since the pandemic hit in 2020, remote/hybrid work models have been in vogue more than ever; this has also affected the gifting trends.

4. Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

We stick to the green approach when it comes to packaging and wrapping as well. Our boxes are made of recyclable paper and utilize vegetable-based inks, while multi-use Furoshiki wrap cloths add a touch of thoughtfulness. And we are also part of the One Tree Planted initiative that contributes to reforestation. Every gift box you purchase from Kadoo makes our planet greener!

5. Bulk shipping

Domestic and international, with local NYC delivery service available.

6. Corporate Gallery

Gifting companies come in handy if you plan to impress your clients and employees with unique gifts. The company usually takes care of all aspects of your gift sending, from curating the items to delivery. Also, you can add a touch of uniqueness to the gift by asking the company to customize the package with your brand’s logo and preferred design.

Next, check out our list of corporate gifts for employees and employee care packages. KADOO's past clients include Pinterest, Google Cloud, Amazon, Toyota Connected and many more.

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