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KADOO NYC Offers Holiday Corporate Gifts with Sustainable Furoshiki Wraps

Committed to sharing the beauty of gift giving while helping people express their thoughts and feelings to one another, two women – Juanita and Yudhisty – founded KADOO, a unique custom and curated gift box for any occasion. By adding more meaning to gifting, KADOO lives up to its philosophy that “a bond that begins with a thoughtful gift is forever cherished.”

Another defining feature of KADOO is its sustainable gift wrapping called Furoshiki.Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese method of using a single piece of fabric to wrap gifts and to carry essentials. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent times as an eco-friendly alternative to regular gift wrap. By applying this concept to all gift boxes, KADOO is able to reduce paper waste and promote repurposing. Recipients of the gift boxes can even use the fabric as a table napkin, scarf, kitchen towel, table cloth, wine carrier, regifting, and much more. Who would’ve thought sending a gift can help spread awareness on sustainability?

And now that the holidays are fast-approaching, many people are starting to prepare their gifts for their family and friends. This is also a busy time for companies since it can be challenging to find corporate gifts that are meaningful and thoughtful. KADOO knows that more than just a gift, corporate presents provide higher employee retention, nurture business relationships, boost lead generation, and most importantly, they are an extension of one’s brand. That is why KADOO Corporate Gifting is the perfect destination for companies that understand the impact a thoughtful gift can make to their people.

“We understand that the second you send a gift to an employee, a business associate or a customer, this gift becomes an extension of your brand. That’s why we beautifully customize all corporate gifts and include products that reflect your brand,” says the KADOO team.

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