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KADOO NYC: Amazing Eco-friendly Gift Boxes for Every Occasion

KADOO featured on Zero Lifestyle System. When we buy gifts or wrap our presents, it should be sustainable, just like KADOO. Every year, wrapping paper and shopping bags alone accumulates 4 million tons of trash in the United States. At the end of the day, when a person receives a gift, the only object they will keep is the present. The rest—including the ribbons, wrappers, or bags—goes to the trash.

In contrast to the convenient gift wrapping products, boxes from KADOO NYC are sustainable. Here’s how:

1. KADOO gift boxes are meant to be reused. When a person receives your present, they can in turn use the cloth, even the box, to wrap another gift.

2. Gift boxes from KADOO NYC, including the cloth, can serve multiple purposes. The box can be made into a container or organizer when given a minimal makeover. Meanwhile, the cloth can turn into a bandana, a table cover, a room décor, or a bag scarf. Your imagination is the limit. Especially to people who gives sentimental value to things, KADOO’s gift boxes can be the perfect gift wrap.

3. Textiles post harm to the environment, but not KADOO’s. They are made with organic materials and are produced with plant-based resources.

4. The cloths used in KADOO are not from big textile companies. They are made with love by our local artisans. Because of this, ethical practices on production of materials are highly observed.

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