The Tea Time - KADOO
The Tea Time - KADOO
The Tea Time - KADOO
The Tea Time - KADOO
The Tea Time - KADOO
The Tea Time - KADOO

The Tea Time *SOLD OUT*

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GiThe Box

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Give the gift of calm, with a box that celebrates the charming ritual of tea-time. Breathe deeply and be happy.

Featuring: Earl Grey tea and infuser for a perfect afternoon, rose honey for an exotic taste, shortbread cookies for indulgence, and honey lollipops for sweetness.

Inside The Box

Teapressa Charles Grey Black Tea:
Modeled after the classic Earl Grey Tea, the Charles Grey is a specially crafted loose leaf black tea with a brilliant aroma and sophisticated tastes. Following its European precedent, this tea embodies the essence of bergamot, resulting in a flavor profile that is at once balance and uplifting. Expect a moderate body with distinct notes of citrus. Contains: proprietary organic black tea, natural corn flower petals, natural bergamot flavor. Dimensions: 3.54” height, 2.36” diameter. One jar, 3.68oz.

Makabi & Sons Oxford Cookies:
Each batch of this artisan cookie is baked using all-natural ingredients. Bergamot cream is sandwiched between vanilla and earl grey shortbread to create these delicate, exotic-flavored treats that are never too sweet and a delight to any tea gathering. Contains: wheat, eggs, soy, sustainable palm oil, tapioca starch. One box contains 6 cookies, 4.2 oz

Makabi & Sons Golab Raw Wildflower Honey Infused with Rose water:
This bold rose water infused raw honey has a flavor that will excite your taste buds and transport you to the world's most exotic destination. Contains: raw wildflower honey, rosewater. One jar, 12oz.

Waxing Kara Original Honey and Bourbon Honey Lollipops:
Set of two honey lollipops made from Eastern Shore honey, natural flavorings and other natural ingredients. Use them to soothe a sore throat, sweeten a cup of tea, or even as a garnish in your favorite cocktails. Contains: pure cane sugar, non high-fructose type of corn syrup, canola oil, soy lecithin, natural colors and flavors. One lollipop, 0.75 oz.

Stainless Steel Rose Gold Tea Infuser: 
This light-weight tea infuser would help you brew your favorite loose tea to your desired consistency and also functions as a spoon to stir your tea with your favorite honey.

Brand Highlights

Teaspressa is all natural, organic tea, with no artificial flavors or additives. Their tea has the body and robust flavor of coffee in a cup of tea, definitely the best of both worlds. This women-owned company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is offering tea with the caffeine kick and body like a cup of coffee, as well as savoring the enhanced new flavors of the tea and all its health benefits. 

Makabi & Sons is a brand of globally-inspired sandwich cookies and infused honeys that made its debut at the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show’s New Brands section. Born in Los Angeles, California, this small company is getting new attention, setting its sights on fresh packaging and branding for the Summer Fancy Food Show.

Waxing Kara® is a women-owned business, based in Owings Mills, Maryland. Promoting a socially-conscious message about the importance of bees, not only through personal health but also for the health and sustainability of the planet. They are committed in reducing their carbon footprint by finding ways to help save the honeybees.

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