The Good Night - KADOO
The Good Night - KADOO
The Good Night - KADOO

The Good Night *SOLD OUT*

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Give the gift of a restful night’s sleep. For sweet dreams, and fresh new mornings.

Featuring: a relaxing tea and eye pillow for bedtime, lavender bath salt and body oil for pampering.

Good Night Tea by Waxing Kara:
This tea has an organic calming bedtime-inspired blend, paired with soothing herbs and fragrant petals for a light, dreamy cup perfect for bedtime and relaxation. Caffeine free, all Waxing Kara teas are gluten free although their suppliers may not be gluten-free certifiedOne jar, 1 oz.

Lavender Bath Salt by Lavande:
A nice hot bath scented and softened with natural sea salt and lavender essential oil. These salts pull the toxins out of your skin, leaving it silky smooth and relaxed. One bottle, 16 oz.

Eye Pillow Lavender Peppermint by Nana's Escentuals:
Handmade eye pillow is an aromatherapy treatment for sinus and headache relief, or simply for a "me time". This pillow is the perfect size and weight to gently caress your brow, block out light, soothe tired eyes and alleviate headaches. 

Bath and Body Oil by Lavande:
This luscious oil is made of sweet almond oil and lavender essential oil. It helps keeping skin satiny and soft. Its beautiful aroma is soothing and relaxing. A popular choice for a massage oil. One bottle, 4 oz.

Waxing Kara® is a women-owned business, based in Owings Mills, Maryland. Promoting a socially-conscious message about the importance of bees, not only through personal health but also for the health and sustainability of the planet. 

Lavande takes a simple agricultural product, lavender, and transforms this commodity into multiple products for use by people of all ages and stages. The product is both consumable and sustainable. Based in Santa Ynez Valley in central coast of California, farmer Craig is personally involved in every aspect of Lavande, from farming the land to production.

Nana's Escentuals mission is to provide pure, wholesome products for people to enjoy. Founded in 2017, this women-owned business based in Newton, North Carolina was created simply for the love for fresh scents. The flax seed eye pillows are to give cool or warm comfort for your needs anytime anywhere. 

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