KADOO The weekender gift for him. Wrapped in Furoshiki style in 100% stripes French linen. Contents: dark chocolate, single malt scotch caramel, and a Wash Kit with shampoo, cleansing face wash, face cream, tooth brush and tooth paste.
KADOO The weekender gift for him. Contain: Maroud dark chocolate, Mc Crea’s single malt scotch caramel, and Man Society’s Weekender wash kit.
Dapper Man Gift Box product feature of: Men's Society Weekender Wash Kit box with shampoo, cleansing face wash, face cream, tooth brush and paste laid on paper.
Single Malt Scotch Caramels by McCrea Candies: Rich gourmet caramels, spiked with smoky Ardmore Scotch, intoxicating flavor, without the hangover.
KADOO complimentary handwritten notecards in premium ivory paper with matching envelope.
Petite Gift Box

The Weekender

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A premium selection of useful, unique products for the modern man who likes to look sharp. Wrapped in a stylish French linen fabric that can be reused over and over again, even as a wine carrier!

Featuring: an essential kit of handmade natural toiletries for that weekend away, gourmet scotch caramels and a bar of dark chocolate with superior taste. What a versatile gift for him!

Marou Single Origin 70% Dark Chocolate Bar:
70% dark chocolate made of cacao that is grown by farmers of the Vietnamese Cho Gao cooperative in the Mekong delta river. Full bodied flavors with notes of honey and fruit. One bar, 80 gr. **Due to warm weather, we will substitute chocolate with other items with similar value, such as biscuits, shortbreads or cookies.**

Men's Society Weekender Wash Kit:
Hand-luggage friendly wash kit for short trips or weekends away. Contains: Shampoo and Body Cleanser (50ml), a gentle cleansing formula to remove dirt and oil; Cleansing Face Wash (50ml), all natural formulation rich in vitamins and minerals to moisturize and cleanse; Hydrating Face Cream (50ml), a super moisturizing cream with a light masculine scent of lemon and thyme to refresh the senses and the mind; Travel size toothbrush and natural toothpaste.  

Single Malt Scotch Caramels by McCrea Candies:
Peaty and rich gourmet caramels, spiked with smoky Ardmore Scotch, intoxicating flavor, without the hangover. Contains milk, cream, cane sugar, single malt scotch, salt. One case, 1.4 oz.

Men's Society is an award winning British product design house with the aim to redefine the idea of men's gifts. They produce natural grooming products in small batches and make every kit by hand. 

Marou was among the first “bean to bar” in Asia and one of the few in the world to make chocolate at origin. What began as a dream for two wayward Frenchmen has snowballed into a brand of pure dark chocolate entirely made from Vietnam’s finest ingredients. They roast their cacao slowly so you can taste their hard work and the terroir of each provincial origin. 

McCrea's Candies A scientist with a background in chemistry and an abiding appreciation for natural ingredients, Jason McCrea is a man possessed by the single, simple idea to make the best caramel in the world—nothing less. McCrea’s Candies started with the simple idea that good candy must be made with good ingredients: fresh milk, cream and butter, the finest salts, spirits and seasonings, and 16 striking flavors.

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