KADOO The Cheers gift box wrapped in Furoshiki style with galaxy space cotton bandana in Solar System in natural color. For graduation, celebration and special occasion. Contains Zero Blanc sparkling wine, dark chocolate, rosemary truffle almonds and cheese caramels.
KADOO The Cheers gift box. Contains Pierre Chavin zero alcohol sparkling wine, K+M Dark Chocolate, Black Bow Sweets Almonds Truffles, and Call me Caramels Gruyere Cheese Caramels.
KADOO The Cheers gift box with galaxy space special edition cotton bandana in Solar System in natural color. For graduation, celebration and special occasion. Contains Zero Blanc sparkling wine, dark chocolate, rosemary truffle almonds and cheese caramels.
KADOO Galaxy Special Edition Bandana 100% cotton Solar System in natural color. Hand screen printed. Made in the USA.
KADOO complimentary handwritten notecards in premium ivory paper with matching envelope.
 Choose notecards greeting to insert in KADOO gift box: Happy birthday, Thanks, Love or Thinking of you.
Petite Gift Box

The Cheers

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Never miss any occasions and cherish every memorable milestones with this celebration box. Let's make a toast and cheers to any special moments, whether it's a Graduation, a Birthday, a Thank You gift or just to let someone know that you are rooting for them! Beautifully wrapped in a durable Blue French linen or in an exclusive Solar System cotton bandana.

Featuring: Zero Blanc sparkling wine for that special toast, an antioxidant-rich dark chocolate crafted for superior taste, decadent rosemary truffle almonds for those midnight cravings and cheese caramels for that sweet and savory indulgence. 

Domaines Pierre Chavin Zero Blanc Sparkling:
Pale yellow color with shine and glint. Delicate foam with aromas of tropical fruits, peaches, lychee and flowers. Fruit forward on the palette balanced by a clean freshness. This 0% sparkling white wine is the perfect choice for a healthy conscious lifestyle and a nice match with appetizers or desserts. Received a good review by Andreas Larsson, the 2007 world's best sommelier. Made in France. Climate: Mediterranean. 

K+M Extravirgin Dark Chocolate 75% Cocoa Madagascar:
This chocolate comes with flavors of bright grapefruit and rich caramel with addition of Armando Manni's extra-virgin olive oil. The oil imbues the chocolate with a silken texture and boosts the antioxidant levels while enhancing the cocoa beans complex flavors. One bar, 70 gr.

Black Bow Sweets Rosemary Truffle Candied Almonds:
Handmade with locally sourced California almonds and are delightfully irresistible with a exquisite blend of savory and sweet flavors. Made with only five all natural ingredients: California Almonds, rosemary, black truffle sea salt, egg white, and pure cane sugar. Manufactured in facility that also processes other tree nuts. May contain pit or nut shell fragments. 

Cheese Caramels with Gruyère AOP by Call me Caramel:
Infused with authentic Gruyère AOP cheese from Switzerland, these caramels are sweet, savory, and umami — think bottom-of-the-fondue-pot flavor. The Gruyère AOP is melted into milk and cream and then folded into the caramelizing sugar, where it is finished with sea salt. 16 caramels, 2oz box.

Optional Exclusive Fabric Wrap (instead of blue linen wrap)
Little Lark Solar System Bandana in Natural or Navy:
To celebrate the recent historical launch of the Falcon 9 and the Starlink space mission, we are introducing a limited edition of Solar System fabric wraps. Made in the USA. Hand screen printed in Portland, Oregon. 100% cotton, 22"x22". Ink is lightweight and cotton softens with each wash. Use this cloth as bandana, face cover, scarf or as an alternative to wrapping paper. 

Domaines Pierre Chavin is based in the southern Languedoc region in France and currently the market leader for alcohol free drinks in France and throughout the world. Chavin’s zero concept collection is causing quite a stir as the demand for alcohol free wines and sparkling wines is currently higher than ever, due to the rise of healthy drinking lifestyle. Its range of still and sparkling wines with 0% alcohol is rich, elegant, full of flavor and unique. 200 ml.

K+M (Keller and Manni) Extravirgin Chocolate is a collaboration by renowned chef Thomas Keller and Armando Manni, an extra virgin olive oil connoisseur. They use a unique production methodology and the addition of a small amount of heart-healthy Manni organic extra-virgin olive oil infuses the bean-to-bar chocolate. This creates a signature texture while boosting antioxidant properties.

Black Bow Sweets is a California based company inspired by a family recipe, specializing in candied nuts that are handmade and delightfully irresistible! They sourced their almonds from locally family farm and make each batch with the utmost love and care. As a recent cancer survivor, owner Lisa Wojcik has committed to giving back to organizations that help cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.

Call me Caramel is founded by Jessica Sennet, a cheese specialist with over 12 years experience in the specialty cheese industry along with her business partner, Steve Earthman. Steve has a background in the culinary world and serve as a nutritional and health educator. He has always been a fiend for sweets in his entire life. Together they successfully partnered-up to develop and produced the flavor bombs that are cheese caramels. 

Little Lark was born out of love and nurtured by creativity and exploration. From hand printed clothes to paper goods and housewares, they takes pride in creating unique products, non-gender specific goods that exhibit simplicity and style with a sophisticated edge. They take pride in reducing waste by recycling and using leftover materials to create fun new products. All of products are sweatshop free (organic when possible), hand-printed in Portland Oregon, and designed in house by Christy Nyboer.

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