The Dapper Man Gift Box

The Box

A premium selection of useful, unique products for the modern man who likes to look sharp. 

The gift box contains antioxidant-rich dark chocolate crafted for superior taste and aroma; an essential kit of handmade natural toiletries for that weekend away; plus a shave cream and an organic cotton towel that makes everyday grooming luxurious. Such a versatile gift for him!

Inside The Box

K+M Extravirgin Dark Chocolate 75% Cocoa Madagascar:
This chocolate comes with flavors of bright grapefruit, then evolves to reveal notes of rich caramel, with addition of Armando Manni's extra-virgin olive oil in place of cocoa butter. The olive oil imbues the chocolate with a silken texture and boosts the antioxidant levels while enhancing the cocoa beans complex flavors. One bar, 70 gr.

Handsome Shave Cream by Men’s Society:
A softening, nourishing shave cream. Made by hand using natural ingredients to give the best shave possible. One tube, 100ml. 

Men's Society Weekender Wash Kit:
Hand-luggage friendly wash kit for short trips or weekends away. Contains Hand-mixed: Shampoo and Body Cleanser (50ml), a gentle cleansing formula to remove dirt and oil; Cleansing Face Wash (50ml), all natural formulation rich in vitamins and minerals to moisturize and cleanse; Hydrating Face Cream (50ml), a super moisturizing cream with a light masculine scent of lemon and thyme to refresh the senses and the mind; Travel size toothbrush and natural toothpaste. 

Nawrap 100% Organic Mini Towel:

Brand Highlights

K+M Extravirgin Chocolate is a collaboration of renowned chef Thomas Keller and olive oil producer, Armando Manni, hence the name Keller+Manni. Their unique production methodology and the addition of a small amount of  MANNI organic extra-virgin olive oil infuses their bean-to-bar chocolate with its signature texture while boosting its antioxidant properties.

Nawrap towels are made with durability and functionality in mind. Founded in the 1930s in Nara, Japan. Nawrap towels are known for their innovative line of cloths and towels and feature a traditional weaving technique not seen outside of Japan.