When I opened the KADOO box I was first hit with the aroma of sweet smelling dried flowers. The presentation from the outer cloth wrapped box to the inner consents and packaging is very impressive, with a high quality handmade feel. This would make a very unique and thoughtful gift for anyone you want to impress.Sam M., Galison Publishing

“I ordered The Good Night set for a friend at work - the package was so pretty and came just at the right time when she had a hectic week. And this was her reaction: OMG. This is an amazing gift!!...This is SO sweet and generous of you!! Thank you!!!” - Julia C., Brooklyn, New York

"I was the lucky recipient of both ‘The Love Potion’ and ‘The Fresh Start’ boxes. I cannot describe the level of wonder and excitement the experience of unwrapping one of these gifts can create: from the dry wildflower bouquet perfectly wrapped in the Furoshiki cloth, hugging a personal handwritten note, to the aromas, sounds, and textures of the wrapping materials, to searching for all the goodies in the box and figuring out the theme! Every item is so carefully and ethically made, curated and presented. It feels so personal and intimate! The box and it’s ingredients take you on a journey through your senses: chocolates & chai for your tasting indulgence, the face mask for a rejuvenating pampering experience, the candle for creating a relaxing atmosphere, while the ceramic bowl and bamboo spoon play with your sense of texture and touch. The most wonderful part of this whole process is that you can reuse most of the wrapping materials like the Furoshiki cloth and the dry flowers, which you can place in a vase and enjoy for a very long time. These gifts leave such a long-lasting memory upon their recipients as they tap into something more than just a material exchange, creating a sense of a journey." - Daniela H., Curator & Cultural Producer, New York