kadoo father's day curated gift box. The morning routine with mocha java coffee, reusable coffee cup, shaving cream, organic mini towel, and simply gum mints.
ecoffee cup reusable from bamboo. BPA free. sustainable gift.
simply gum mints in peppermint flavor.
Oliver Pluff & Co Mocha Java Coffee. Breakfast coffee blend from Sumatra & Ethiopian.
Greeting cards: Cheers! Happy Birthday. Thinking of You, Thank You, Merci, Gracias, Danke and Thanks.
KADOO complimentary handwritten notecards in premium ivory paper with matching envelope.

The Morning Routine Curated Gift Box

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Delight the early riser and upgrade his morning routine with a gift filled with luxurious shaving essentials and to kickstart his day with the world's oldest coffee blend and a reusable bamboo cup. The perfect present for birthday and any occasions. 

- The world's oldest Mocha Java coffee blend by Oliver Pluff & Company.
 Reusable bamboo by Ecoffee cup.
- A shaving cream filled with natural ingredients by Men's Society.

- 100% organic cotton Japanese weave mini towel.
- Natural peppermint mini gums.
- Furoshiki fabric wrapping. 100% French linen in black and white stripes.


Mocha Java Coffee by Oliver Pluff & Company:
The world's oldest recorded coffee blend. Popular breakfast blend. A balanced coffee blend of the wild and fruity Arabian (Yemen) Mocha beans with the more mellow Java beans from the island of Indonesia. 
Mocha beans were cultivated in Yemen as the world’s first commercial coffee. As the Dutch later established commercial coffee in Java, Indonesia, they added a second origin to Europe’s coffee menu. The blend of the two beans combines complementary opposite tones of coffee. One tin, 5oz roasted ground coffee bean blend.

Reusable Bamboo Cup by Ecoffee Cup:
Made from bamboo, the most sustainable crop on the planet, the Ecoffee cup comes in a cool print, allowing you to sip in style while also helping to curb further pollution, it holds up well in the dishwasher and it should last for years if treated nicely. There's also a latex-free silicone lid and sleeve plus a ‘no-drip’ lid so you can enjoy your tea or coffee on the go without any fear of spills. 

And because bamboo fibre is naturally sterile, Ecoffee Cup is lovely to drink from and won’t flavour-taint your drinks. One cup.

Handsome Shave Cream by Men’s Society:
A softening, nourishing shave cream. Made by hand using natural ingredients to give the best shave possible. One tube, 100ml. 

Nawrap Ivory Mini Towel:
This towel is made from organically produced cotton. The more you wash them, the more softer and absorbent it becomes. Great for sensitive skin. Dries quickly after use. A
ll natural materials with no dyes or chemicals used during production. 100% organic cotton. Dimension 10x10".

Simply Gum Mints:
Their peppermint mints are so minty, they had to say “mint” twice in their name. Their recipe includes just three simple ingredients, natural peppermint included, for a burst of freshness you can enjoy any time, any place. Non GMO Certified, Vegan, Kosher Certified, Aspartame Free, Xylitol Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, and Soy Free. One tin, 15 pieces.

Oliver Pluff & Company is a Veteran Owned small business based in Charleston. They tell the story of historic American beverages--including teas, spiced-drinks, cacao, and coffee--for historical sites, National Parks, gourmet markets, and consumers looking for a great beverage, hand-packaged in signature, artisan tins.  They are connecting people around the country to the early American experience through these historic beverages.

Ecoffee Cup is a London-based company founded in 2014 to tackle the plastic coffee waste problem in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Over 100 billion single-use cups go to landfill globally each year. Unfortunately, many tea and coffee drinkers still believe single-use cups are recyclable but very few facilities currently exist to manage the complex task of separating the plastic from paper so the vast majority end up in landfill. They created Ecoffee Cup and set up the #stopthe100billion campaign to raise awareness and help tackle the problem of single-use packaging going to landfill while simultaneously providing a stylish, practical reusable for the coffee-consuming public.

Men's Society is an award winning British product design house with the aim to redefine the idea of men's gifts. They produce natural grooming products in small batches and make every kit by hand.

Nawrap was founded in the 1930s in the Nara prefecture of Japan. They have produced high quality and innovative line of towel, cloth and textile. Nawrap towels feature a traditional Japanese weaving technique.

Simply Gum is a women-owned company founded by Caron in 2014 after she discovered that regular chewing gum was made of a plastic base and filled with artificial ingredients. She started making batches of gum in her NYC apartment and sold the first Simply Gum products in local stores throughout Manhattan. Each Simply order is packed with love and care at our factory in Brooklyn, where their gum chefs make the highest quality gum available. 

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